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Behavioral Health &

Executive Performance

Teletherapy, Clinical Social Worker, LCSW-R, ABA Therapist, Behavioral Health and Wellness Coach, Family

About Andrea Wainer, LCSW-R


Andrea Wainer LCSW-R Clinical Social Worker & Psychotherapist, has over twenty-seven years of experience working with children, individuals, couples and adults in; New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London and Singapore.  She has a life time of navigating narcissistic people and the resilience to thrive in the wake of these challenges.

Andrea believes in the resilience of human beings.  She is able to help people identify and take action against gas-lighting, double bind situations, manipulation, smear campaigns, emotional abuse, blame-shifting, crazy making, manufacturing of chaos and other actions of narcissistic and sociopathic people.  She is excellent at helping family scape goats make sense of their past and develop boundaries to ensure their safety and peace.   She can help you to process exactly what happened in a situation that is confusing and chaotic so you are able to grow, heal and thrive after narcissistic abuse.

Areas of Expertise

Teletherapy and  telemedicine

Executive leadership coaching

Expatriate and international